Mr. Snuggles traveled to the hospital with The Princess and made her feel much better. You can have your very own teddy as well.


Ah, Mr. SnugglesTM smelling the roses while on a walk with The Princess! Well, flowers.

Taking time to pause and enjoy nature is a great way to relax and rejuvenate.

Story Title

Mr. SnugglesTM is enjoying a ferry ride with The Princess over to Mui Wo in Hong Kong.

Wearing their masks to stay safe. And Mr. SnugglesTM likes the blue color of his mask.

Story Title

A nice sunset for Mr. SnugglesTM with a nice seafood dinner with The Princess and her Prince.

Another ferry ride for Mr. SnugglesTM. This time over to Hong Kong island with The Princess as she goes to a doctor's appointment. He is with her to give her hugs and support.

A beautiful day to be on the ferry over to Hong Kong island and get immersed within the tall buildings. 


                   Mail  your 12 Collected Logos, 

                    along with the form filled out which                                 can be  found in the books,

                   Proof of Purchase and mail to:

             8A Verdant Court , Discovery Bay,

                 Lantau Island, Hong Kong

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