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Author of - Adventures of The Princess Series of Books

"I dwell in possibility"

Sandra Roe

Wedding April 14th 2007 Princess and Roe
The Princess Brain Biopsy 2008 for Diagn
Princess and Roey Hong Kong 2008 10218_1
Diane and Sandra Mui Wo Trip 10218_14480
Photo of Princess, Alison and Anna 2008
The Princess at The Adventist Hospital -
The Princess at The Adventist October 27

Sandra was born in Canada and had taken a trip to Hong Kong to visit some friends. Another friend had told her to make sure she was treated like a Princess when she was in Hong Kong. Her nickname then became The Princess. While she was there she met an Australian man and they fell in love. The Princess went back to Canada and said, I have fallen in love and I am moving to Hong Kong. She moved to Hong Kong, then was married on the top of a mountain to her soulmate and they started to travel the world.


After returning from one of their trips The Princess lost her memory. Prior to the holiday Sandra had double vision which cleared and off they went The Princess and her prince on a magical holiday to relax. A brain biopsy was done to make the diagnosis. She was then diagnosed with brain cancer - CNS Lymphoma. They realized that the double vision had been due to the cancer. She then had 8 cycles of chemo therapy over 6 months.

The Princess celebrated her 40th birthday during her chemo treatment.


My husband David took incredible care of me.  I asked him to shave my head as I did not want my hair coming out in clumps as it did when I was 14 years old. It took me two tries to let my husband shave my head to a number 1 cut. But I never lost any hair due to all of the supplements I was taking. And I was given industrial strength chemo.


After my treatment I wrote 15 books about funny things that occurred during my treatment. I wrote my books to make children and their parents laugh and to give 50% of my net profits to cancer prevention, research and cure.


Sandra also had cancer when she was 14 years old so she can relate from both an adults perspective as well as from a child's. So she knows her book - The Farting Princess will definitely make your children laugh. And they will also enjoy her other books about her journey.

So please check out the children's books, greeting cards and prints of the illustrations from the books, as well as the teddy bear Mr. SnugglesTM that The Princess snuggled with while at the hospital.

The pureness and simplicity of the stories are what make them so beautiful and powerful.

However, the deeper meaning is also felt and understood by the older kids as well as the parents.

Radio Interview

And you can also listen to the - radio interview below of - about The Princess living in Hong Kong and about her children's books.

Radio Lantau - Interview - Sandra Roe pa
00:00 / 16:27
Radio Lantau Interview - Sandra Roe part
00:00 / 08:34
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40thBdayRoeyandPrincess copy.jpg
Roey and The Princess 2008 Hong Kong 102
Princess with Head Shaved 2008 copy.jpg


                                                    4X cancer survivor


  Sandra then found a lump in her breast in 2019. It was diagnosed as early stage breast cancer - called DCIS.


Hodgkins Disease - Unfortunately the radiation she had been given when she was 14 years old was very heavy doses for the cancer called Hodgkins disease, a childhood cancer she had. This gave her an increased chance of breast cancer as well as damaging her heart. They have since learned that they do not need to give such huge doses of radiation anymore.


 Breast cancer

The only words that I could say when I was told I had breast cancer was, Again!


And the only word I could describe how I felt was that I was sad.

It had just taken my happy away. And I am not a why me person, but I did say again!

Sandra had a complete mastectomy in 2019 and then another surgery to have reconstruction in 2020.

 Calmness of mind

But you cant stay in this space and energy so I wrote another 2 children's books about the experience, about still being able to love myself as well as about all of the noises in the hospital.

Then also due to the radiation Sandra had when she had cancer at 14 years old, her oncologist had heard a heart murmur in 2015 so had sent her to see a cardiologist.

Her aortic valve was degenerating. In 2020 at her checkup her cardiologist said that it as now severe and she would need to have her aortic valve replaced.

 Heart Surgery

So on Oct 29th, 2020 she had the TAVI procedure which is done through the groin  to replace her aortic valve. And now has a pigs valve. Oink ! Oink! Ah, the kids will be enjoying the 2 books about The Princesses heart  as well once they are both illustrated.

 Sandra has now written 23 Children's Books which are all true stories and is she working on completing her illustrations for the last couple of books. She is giving 50% of her net profits to cancer prevention, research and cure.

The Princess at The Adventist Hospital f
Princess With The Strength of A Warrior

   As I was adding these photos on to this page I thought, oh I am not looking the best. Maybe I should not put them up. But I chose to put them up anyways. It is not about how I look but about sharing my journey and story to inspire and empower others. In one of my children's books I wrote that it is not about my hair or the clothes that I wear, it is about my kindness and the smile that I share. Being kind and helping others is what is important. And I am honored as well by the people who have told me that they have been inspired by my journey.

As my husband and I have traveled to over 67 countries, this quote is very fitting.

    Daily Om

Citizen Of The World  2024-04-17 at 6.07.45 PM.png

And as we have traveled within on the journey as well we have realised - we are all one.

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