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A short video to share about the book I had the privilege to write about my health journey in and what I gained from these experiences, as well as about my children's books I have written about them. And there are many inspiring stories from 19 other incredible women in this book for you to enjoy.
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Talk at The Forum for The MyVoice series of Books

The authors of the MyVoice series of books were invited to a Forum on Nov 25th, 2023 with the Global Influencers Publishing House to share a 5 minute talk on what they had written in their chapter of the book they were in.

Sharing is a powerful way to support and provide others with a point of reference for their own lives.

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MyVoice Volume 6 - Women of Substance -
Inspiring  Journeys of Self - Realisation, Perseverance and Fulfillment

Strength of purpose achieves the impossible.

It has been very rewarding to be a co-author in the book called

My Voice Volume 6 about - Women of Substance - Inspiring   Journeys of Self- Realisation, Perseverance and Fulfillment.

To share my story about “Perseverance, Resilience and Empowerment” as I encountered many health challenges that tested me both mentally and physically is very gratifying. To help inspire others is truly a blessing.

20 women share their stories from the heart within the covers of this book and copies will be available soon.

All proceeds will be going to the Singapore Children’s Society. Dr. Neera Gupta and Shikha have been wonderful to work

with and have provided a fabulous way to bring the experiences of these 20 women together for others to gain inspiration and ideas in their own lives.

“#MyVoice – Vol VI – A Collective Memoir by Women of Substance from Around the World”, focusing on inspirational stories of women journeying from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Through this book, we will uncover inspiring and heart-warming stories of unsung heroes and community champions, who

have gone above and beyond their course of work, service and passions, showcasing extraordinary examples of courage, resilience, triumph, kindness, compassion, self-love, transformation, skill and success. The book will feature and recognize around 20 such individuals from across the world. And will help set an example of what can be achieved and hopefully inspire many more

women and men to transform their journeys from the ordinary to extraordinary and enable change.

It has the objective of bringing together stories of empowerment, sharing of common ground, inspiration, hope, meaning, and ultimately, ACTION!!!!! We hope to bring authentic voices of everyday people from all walks of life in our diverse and thriving community, celebrating their exceptional accomplishments & achievements.

This book is intended to capture the interest of a global audience, both women and men readers.
Keep your eyes on: Global Influencers Publishing House

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                 The authors of the Book - MyVoice Volume 6                   
                        Some amazing stories to inspire the soul.                                                              Available now on Amazon.

I am truly grateful to both Neera Gupta and Shikha Sakar for their beautiful energy and gentleness during the process of creating this thought-provoking book.

To share our experiences with each other in a powerful, yet humble way will truly support and inspire many people.

To listen to each of these incredible women's stories from the book launch of MyVoice Vol 6 - Inspiring Journeys of Self - Realisation, Perseverance & Fulfilment,


Please click below  to watch the video of 20 inspiring women.

Nashya Haider, PhD., MPhil. Elena Liapounova Heather Barker (She/Her) Binu Balan Bijal Jhaveri Shaily Shah Ana Lucia Lind Emily Pearson Sadhna Upadhya Vinti Mittal Sandra Roe Gina Marescia Divya Anand Zsuzsanna Tungli Ph.D. Benita Perch Pavitar Kaur Gill Patrizia De Sousa Juliette Ledoux Dr. Neera Gupta.


Book Launch of  MyVoice Vol 6 - Click Below

You are one truly amazing resilient strong woman.
Robby Jay

Global Influencers

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Perseverance, Resilience, Empowerment
I had the pleasure of sharing my story in the book called MyVoice Vol 6 - Inspiring Journeys of Self - Realisation, Perseverance and Fulfillment which has now become a bestseller.

As I read, you do what ever it takes in one of the books I read when I had brain cancer, I have learned that I persevere, I chose to be strong, that being kind creates a very powerful energy and by humbly sharing our journey with others helps to create empowerment in others.

20 incredible women share their inspirational stories.

The book has become a bestseller so please check it out on Amazon.


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