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Above the Clouds

My Journey - books coming soon  
by Sandra Roe
Conquering cancer 4x, major heart surgery, double pneumonia and other various health issues

|Someone had said to me that I should write a book about what I had gone through when I had brain cancer. I thought, nope. I had written my children's books and working on them.  Then I was ready.  So I started writing but then I thought, I don't want to write this by myself, I want to write it with my husband. Little did I know he had already started writing some things down. 

To share from both perspectives I felt was important. Both from the person who is ill as well a the person by their side supporting them. Each person goes through emotions and different experiences.

We had shared our story with a couple and they had told us we had given them courage and strength.

How beautiful. I hope you gain some shifts in your awareness and that our story in the books we have written offers you hope and encouragement on your own journey.

For The Love of A Life©
Written by Sandra and David Roe

Inspirations by The Princess©
         Written by Sandra Roe

Abstract Linear Background

Survive It, Create It, Cure It©
Written By Sandra Roe

                            One Tough Chick©
  Conquering Cancer 4x and Oh, Major Heart Surgery

                              Written By Sandra Roe

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