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David Roe -  Hong Kong May 15, 2021
The Farting Princess - is one of those books that children will read over and over again. Why? Because it will make them laugh about something that grown ups don't speak about but something that kids find hilarious - farting!!
The book is based on a true story - a farting Princess! Who would have thought.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone that loves to see children laugh and loose themselves in that place which we should all aim to find!

 How The Princess Got Her Name
Perfect Children's Book
"How The Princess Got Her Name" is one book in a series of books from the Adventures of The Princess series.
This short, true story, is written in a relatable style and it is beautifully illustrated.
The Adventures of The Princess books are perfect gifts for children, parents and grand parents alike.

 The Princess and The Pee
A Story With A Twist
The Princess and The Pee is a wonderful short story based on a real life experience.
The book is written from the heart and is complimented by beautiful illustrations.
The Adventures of The Princess books are heartwarming stories written in a style that all generations can appreciate.
Can't wait for the next instalment from Sandra.

Alison Haley - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 April 2021
The Farting Princess
Lovely book. Lovely book about Sandras experience dealing with cancer, but done with humour so children facing the same situation will be able to laugh about some of the absurdity’s of cancer treatment.

How The Princess Got Her Name
Charming and helpful book. This is a charming little book which starts the series about Sandra ( The Princess) and her journey through cancer . It is written in a light and amusing style that entertains and informs at the same time.
A very useful series of books for any child and their parents facing cancer.

The Princess and The Pee
Laughs with The Princess. Finding laughter during chemo is not easy, but this little book will help children facing the same situation as The Princess.

Cat-tonic -   Hong Kong May 5, 2021 Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2021
The Farting Princess
 Thumbs up! Wonderful illustration and fun read for little kids!

How The Princess Got Her Name 
Such a cool little book. It’s quite amazing how the story unfolds and has some really good inner meanings. The word that comes to mind is “Resilience” which is so important to teach children, through all the difficult times esp now with covid, resilience and positivity prevail.

The Princess and The Pee
A nice off set to the story we all know about the princess and the pea.
These books by Sandra are so intricate and heartwarming. It truly is inspiring and gives strength and hope to everyone small and big. Flipping through some of these pages and realising the little hurdles that “The Princess” had to overcome really gives you an appreciation for life. It takes courage to overcome our own issues we battle with on a daily basis. Something people of all ages can identify with not only kids.

Danielle - Calgary, Alberta, Canada May 9, 2021
The Farting Princess
Even Princesses go through challenges but can overcome
Beautifully illustrated books with such uplifting messages ~ laughter truly is the best medicine.

Shae Gerbrandt -  Calgary, Alberta, Canada June 7th, 2021
The Farting Princess
The amusing story of the adventurous Princess continues in “The Farting Princess”. One of life’s taboo topics - farting - is brought to light as the Princess goes through cancer treatment. This book would be a valuable support to those affected by cancer or adversity anywhere. It shows liveliness, tenderness and laughter - and LOTS of it! As a short story it is perfectly magical in the way it is done. This is an enjoyable read and the Princess provides a true gift to people through her writing. I love this book oh so much! It makes dealing with something that is so hard to deal with in a simple and joyful way. Highly recommended read!

How The Princess Got Her Name
A marvellous story about an accomplished woman, Sandra, who goes on an adventure from her homeland in Canada to Hong Kong. Sandra meets her future Prince and is transformed into a Princess. This is an inspiring real life fairy tale that brings delight and wonderment to all youth at heart. The breathtaking illustrations capture the eye, bringing the story to life. This book leaves the reader looking forward to the next one in this beautiful series.... It’s a gem!

The Princess and the Pee
The beautifully crafted story line of The Princess continues with The Princess and the Pee. This book provides laughter in healing for those who are going through adversity, particularly children and youth. The wonderful ability to put a fantastic spin on cancer treatment contributes to the humour, charm and hope in the Princess’ personal story. This book will have a lasting impression for its readers as The Princess inspires people through her words. She brings colour to a difficult topic telling others they are not alone. It is such an important topic that I have not seen well addressed in this genre. I love this book series and would recommend it to children, youth and all those young at heart!

Judith Moffett - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 June 2021
The Farting Princess
 My kids roared laughing!
Great kids story about the power of positivity and seeing the fun in a difficult situation. The toilet humour is a real winner with kids and captures their imagination! A brave, uplifting story based on real events, that is an entertaining book for all kids, but will especially help any child that is suffering from any illness or knows of any family member or friend that is working through an illness too. The book is so colourful and has amazing illustrations. Highly recommend this story. Plus 50% of proceeds go to cancer research, so well done to Sandra Roe, the author. Very noble cause.

How The Princess Got Her Name
Uplifting and truly unique children’s story.
Love this book. Beautifully illustrated, with whimsical and fairy tale like drawings. Really captures a child’s and adult’s imagination. Gorgeous story, based on a real life story of the author. Magical, kids love it

The Princess and The Pee
Great to see another story about the princess and her escapades!
Beautifully written and illustrated fairy tale like story of how to remain positive, when life throws you a curve ball and how to see the fun in the smallest of things and a real appreciation of living for today. Fun, entertaining and really positive story for all kids and especially any kids that are suffering from an illness or who may know of a close friend/relative who has an illness. This book is a comedic relief to how to cope and overcome sickness. An inspiration and it offers great lessons for young and old, in a very fun way.

Mary - July 11, 2021 Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2021
The Farting Princess
Lovely and funny.
Told in a loving and funny way.

How The Princess Got Her Name
Lovingly written and delightful drawings.

The Princess and The Pee
Lovingly written with delightful drawings.

Liz Edwards - Hong Kong - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 January 2022
The Farting Princess
Fantastic children’s book.I would recommend buying this book for children.
It’s written brilliantly and the beautiful colourful design is eye catching for young and old alike. 

How The Princess Got Her Name

Wonderful book for children.What makes this book so special and unique is that it is based on the Author’s own experience and the way she has written it for children to read and understand is fantastic.

The Princess and The Pee
A fantastic book for children.I would recommend buying this well written book for children.
The book is so bright and colourful. The design is lovely.

Lynnette Watson - Reviewed in Canada on January 26, & February 5th, 2022
The Farting Princess
Absolutely hilarious!
What a fun book that any child can relate to!

How The Princess Got Her Name
Spellbinding story of how “The Princess” met her Prince on the other side of the world! Beautifully illustrated to match how the couple met. Soul mates for sure!

The Princess and The Pee 
Beautifully written, illustrated and easily understood for kids going through cancer or anyone really. Sweet and lighthearted with a humorous flare.

From Lyn Champion - South Australia - February 4th, 2022
Adventures of The Princess - Book Series
I found this series of Princess stories written by Sandra Roe to be ideal for children who in particular experience a period of time in hospital or home confinement. It is a lively true story with a beautiful princess and the farting that the princess blissfully giggles over. Children can relate to her and enjoy her adventures as each story in the series develop. I look forward to the next book in the series.

Louise Sanderson - United States on February 4, 2022
The Farting Princess
Beautiful Book.
Beautifully told funny story, and beautiful illustrations.

How The Princess Got Her Name
What an adventure.
Incredible adventure of true love and strength.
Beautifully written and illustrated. Highly recommended book

The Princess and The Pee
Heart warming.
A Funny heartwarming story which is beautifully told by an incredible woman. A story of keeping great strength and positivity

Lisa Gualtieri - Review from Canada - February 6th, 2022
The Farting Princess
The farting princess is a great read for children and adults alike!
The author Sandra has taken real life experiences transforming them into a genuine, engaging and beautifully illustrated book.
A great book to read!

Adventures of The Princess Book Series
Wow!I don't know if mom told you but I was obsessed with your books when I was younger and still til this day.

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