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 A Podcast with Vincent Hiscox about Sandra Roe's health journey, insights she has gained and the creation of her children's books

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Vincent Hiscox, who is a health coach by my wonderful friend Gabriella. We have just created the podcast below about my health issues and my children's books that came from having had brain cancer, breast cancer and major heart surgery.

I hope you enjoy this podcast and gain some insights that you can utilize on your own journey. 

"I dwell in possiblilities" Sandra Roe


Creating a world without cancer

Conquering cancer 4x and oh, and major heart surgery.

     You can listen to the podcast below and let me know what you think.
                     And check out more podcasts produced by  Vincent.

Over 40 Wellness Podcast with Sandra Roe 2022-06-10 at 11.52.30 AM.png

I just had to tell you, Sandra!

I've listened to your podcast and it's wonderful! To hear you tell your story so eloquently in your own words is truly a privilege. Even though I have been aware of many of the details,  through our friendship,, it's still amazing to hear your description and articulation of what you've been through, and more importantly, come through... 
Anne - Hong Kong

It was powerful.  This is amazing stuff.  You did so well.  And you are my hero always.  A true survivor and a warrior woman. 

Alison - Isle of  Man

You are so well spoken.  Most notable is your confidence is your beliefs and values - someone who knows herself and how valuable the lessons you have encountered have shaped your thinking and your life.  You know who you are.


You truly will help the world come to a place with no cancer. 

It was a very enjoyable podcast.  You did an excellent job.  You are such an inspiration in courage and valor.  You did a fabulous interview.

Shae - Canada

Ed and I sat and listened to the podcast yesterday afternoon. It was fabulous, you were so professional and inspirational. We are so proud of you achievements.
Jacqui -  Australia


Hi there Sandra,  I just read/heard your podcast.  Amazing journey but unbelievable that you had all this in your young life! Amazing - those books you mention I have read them all! They are full of wisdom, sense and sensibility and such healing perspective which we tend to miss most of the time. Stay well always.       Rehana - Hong Kong

White Structure

You did a wonderful job. Congratulations. 
Mom - Canada

Your podcast was brilliant. What a great job. 

Diane - Canada

A great listen.  You are a true inspiration! Laura - Canada

  Lovely to hear from you Sandra. 
  Your podcast was amazing and                      inspirational.                                                        
  Gail - Australia


Good morning Sandra,
I enjoyed listening to your podcast because it was truly inspiring. It is my pleasure for you to put my thoughts on your website about your podcast.
Gina - Hong Kong


You sound gorgeous and say things so lovingly.  You are The Princess of Love.
Your outlook is so loving. You sounded so professional and so warm and caring and bright.
Congratulations on an incredible podcast.
Jennifer - Hong Kong


Kind and true words Anne. She is a sweetheart moving through life touching people's souls.
David - Hong Kong